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Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Oliva Lux

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Product Code: A-052

Luxury bottle 500 ml

Cardboard box with 6 bottles dimensions 18 x 12 x 30, weight: 4.2 kg.

Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variety of Olives:
Leccino, Frantoio and Carboncella for 80% and Salviana, Pendolino, Rosciola and Livastrino for the remaining 20%.

For Biological Olive Oil we mean:
Olive oil that has been produced without the use of chemical substances such as fertilizers or fungicides; it also means that its production has been controlled by specific and qualified agencies. The certification awarded by these agencies for biological products guarantee the total absence of chemical substances or pesticides.  

The Production:
The Biological olive oil comes from groves with a ‘Biological Agriculture’ certificate. The harvesting begins at the end of October or the beginning of November. The olives are pressed the same evening as they are gathered. This is done to cut the risk of damage from necrosis of the fruit, which is in act from the very moment the fruit is separated from the tree. Our mill is a mill which carries out a cold pressing process with temperatures below 27° C. The oil obtained is stored in stainless steel tanks under an inert gas atmosphere. Apart from the biological olive oil certificate, our oil is also certified as having traceable origins, 100% Italian.

Bottling and Packaging:
Bottling is done only for the required quantity necessary for immediate commerce. The bottles used are of a special dark glass which will protect the oil from harmful light, in this way preserving quality. The bottles are taken from their original wrappers only at the moment of filling, they are then blown with special alimentary nitrogen, filled and capped. Once capped they are labelled and packed by hand. Although the whole process is carried out on a homemade basis, our company respects and applies every health and hygiene measure required for this activity.

In order to achieve an optimal conservation the oil must be kept in a cool, dry atmosphere and must not be exposed to the rays of the sun. Under these conditions the product will remain well preserved even after opening.

How to savour the flavour:
To the sense of smell picks up the perfume of freshly pressed olives, to the palate smooth and delicate, it has an extremely balanced flavour with just right note of sweetness, and sharp sour after taste. Recommended for all kinds of dishes above all to dress either cooked or raw vegetables. Thanks to its fruity taste it is it is particularly good in vegetable or cereal soups, for basting red meats like roast-beef or game.

What are biological Products?:
Biological products are those agricultural food products obtained without the help of treatment based on chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The production of which utilises only natural substances (already present in nature) which of course excludes the use of chemical synthesis in composting, herbicides or insecticides. This same ideal applies also during cultivation, harvesting, conservation, and any eventual transformation of our products. Biological agriculture proposes, above all, an alternative model to traditional methods which were based on intensive exploitation of natural resources. Its most important objective being that of avoiding excessive exploitation; this can be achieved by utilising those natural resources to be found readily in the same production area, for example compost obtained from organic material, manure, clover and favetta beans.

So by buying Biological products, you are also helping protect and preserve the environment.