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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sabina DOP

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Product Code: A-001

Luxury bottle 750 ml

Cardboard box with 6 bottles, dimensions 18 x 12 x 30, weight: 6,2 Kg

The Sabine DOP Seal:
means “Guarantee of Origin”, which identifies the specific, unambiguous place of origin where all the phases of production and transformation have taken place. In our case “Sabina Dop” means that not only the production but also the olives and their transformation has come about in the Sabine Hills. 

The “Sabina DOP” is our point of excellence. It comes from certified olive groves. The olives from these groves are the first to be picked, and are pressed the same evening to avoid harmful damage due to necrosis of the fruit; which is in act from the moment the fruit is separated from the tree. Our mill is a “Certified Mill” for the cold pressing process which is done at a temperature inferior to 27° C. The oil obtained is then stored in stainless steel tanks under inert gas.  

Bottling and packaging:
The oil before being bottled is stirred slowly for a couple of hours to assure that we have a homogeneous product. It is then filtered with special cotton filters and bottled in special dark glass which serves to protect the oil from harmful light, preserving the original characteristics of quality. The bottles are taken from their original wrappers only at the moment of filling, they are then blown with special alimentary nitrogen, filled and capped by means of automatic machines. Filled and capped the bottles are labelled and packed automatically.

In order to achieve an optimal conservation the oil must be kept in a cool, dry atmosphere and must not be exposed to the rays of the sun. Under these conditions the product will remain well preserved even after opening.

The taste:
Our sense of smell picks up the perfume of freshly pressed olives, to the palate smooth and delicate, it has an extremely balanced flavour with just right note of sweetness, and sharp sour after taste. It is recommended for all kinds of dishes above all to dress either cooked or raw vegetables. Thanks to its delicate flavour it is particularly suitable for fish dishes.