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Extra Virgin Mono-Variety Frantoio Olive Oil

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Future bottle 500 ml

Cardboard box with 6 bottles, dimensions 18 x 12 x 30, weight: 4.2 Kg.

Extra virgin olive oil from the Sabina region, cold pressed monovarietal olives "Frantoio".
Monovarietal "Frantoio":
This monovarietal oil is obtained by the pressing of a single type of olives: the "Frantoio" olives. This cultivar is quite common all around Italy but takes different characteristics depending on the production zone and the gathering period. Our goal was to obtain a fresh, fragrant and delicate oil, all at the same time; and to do so we worked for years on the relation between the degree of ripeness and the beginning of the gathering, that usually falls around the 20-30th October. This oil goes well with delicate dishes, unlike the monovarietal oil "Carboncella" that blends better with more robust tastes.

The production of this cultivar is quite demanding. The "Frantoio" olive tree is very delicate and sensitive to cold temperatures, that slow its growth. The gathering can be carried out with olive picking machines, but it requires great attention as they could easily bark the branches. The bark is always a damage: on one side, it stops the growth of the new wood; on the other, it creates weak spots that fungi and insects can easily attack due to the lack of the rind.

Storage and bottling:
When the oil comes out of the mill, it is filtered through special cotton filters to eliminate the so called “deposits” which would otherwise lead to sediment accumulation at the bottom of the cistern, putting at risk the quality of the oil. It is then stored away from harmful light and air, in oxygen-free stainless steel tanks and under inert gas. The product is bottled only when needed to avoid stagnating in bottles long before being put into commerce. Although the whole process is carried out on a homemade basis, our company respects and applies every health and hygiene measure required for this activity.

In order to achieve an optimal conservation the oil must be kept in a cool, dry atmosphere and must not be exposed to the rays of the sun. Under these conditions the product will remain well preserved even after opening.

The taste:
Shortly after the pressing the monovarietal oil "Frantoio" has already a very good and delicate flavour with sweet and spicy nuances. However, it is important to remember one fundamental rule valid for every other flavour combination: delicate flavours require delicate oils, and on the contrary strong flavours require strong oils. Having said this, since the "Frantoio" oil is quite delicate it goes well with food with delicate flavours such as boiled or roasted fish, white meat and salads.