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Extra Virgin Mono-Variety Carboncella Olive Oil

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Product Code: A-1071

Future bottle 500 ml

Cardboard box with 6 bottles, dimensions 18 x 12 x 30, weight: 4.2 Kg.

“Carboncella” Mono-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sabine region extracted by cold pressing process.
What a mono-variety consists of:
The mono-variety oil is obtained by the pressing of a single variety of olive: The “Carboncella”. This cultivar is becoming ever rarer due to the slow growth rate of the tree which takes many years to grow and even more before going into production; not forgetting the difficulties encountered during picking, which can only be done by hand. The Carboncella is a cultivar only found in the ancient historical region of Lazio called the Sabina (The Sabine Hills). It gives the oil an antique flavour of very intense fruit with an after taste of bitter almonds. The oil of the Carboncella has a good harmonic fruity flavour, sharp and bitter, its colour has an intense green hue, with high polyphenols and chlorophylls.

The production of this cultivar is extremely costly. The olive tree of the Carboncella is sensitive to cold weather, the winter frosts, if excessive, lead to an abundant leaf loss, slowing down the already slow growth rate of the tree. The gathering cannot be done mechanically as modern olive picking machines destroy the delicate shoots, which would be greatly detrimental to the following year’s crop. The Carboncella olive tree is particularly susceptible to summer droughts and defends itself by expelling its own fruit prematurely. Further more, summer dry spells, if excessive; cause the plant to suffer greatly leading to the premature expulsion of its own fruit. Lastly it is to be said that the fruit which reach maturity are tenaciously attached to the branches and therefore olive picking is slow and costly. In spite of these enormous setbacks we have decided to return to the careful cultivation of this particular variety of olive, due to the fact that the oil obtained is of a superlative quality.

Storage and bottling:
When the oil comes out of the mill, filtering is done through special cotton filters to eliminate the so called “deposits” which would otherwise lead to sediment accumulation at the bottom of the cistern putting at risk the whole quality of the oil. It is then stored away from harmful light and air, in oxygen-free stainless steel tanks and under inert gas. The product is bottled only when needed to avoid stagnating in bottles long before being put into commerce. Although the whole process is carried out on a homemade basis, our company respects and applies every health and hygiene measure required for this activity.

In order to achieve an optimal conservation the oil must be kept in a cool, dry atmosphere and must not be exposed to the rays of the sun. Under these conditions the product will remain well preserved even after opening.

The taste:
Ancient farmers called this “Summer Oil” as even in June the fruity taste of freshly pressed olives could still be experienced. This oil is special from the first whiff, when your sense of smell picks up that perfume of freshly picked fruit. Your taste buds are sent into ecstasy; first by the nippy sensation, then by the sweet flavour and lastly by the aftertaste of bitter almonds.  

What more could you ask of an oil?
It is important, however, to remember one fundamental rule valid for every other flavour combination: delicate flavours require delicate oils, and on the contrary, strong flavours require strong oils. Having said this, as the “Carboncella” has a distinctly fruity flavour it should be combined with food with strong flavours such as: red meat, game and soups. None the less to the lover of real oil we would readily advise using this oil served cold on all foodstuffs, perhaps going easy on the dosage.