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Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mandarin

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Product code: A-1193

Luxury bottle 200 ml.

Cardboard box with 6 bottles, dimensions 18 x 12 x 30, weight: 4.2 kg.

Once the biological 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mandarin' has been produced it is stored away from harmful light and air, in stainless steel tanks. The oil is then stirred every now and again, mixing slowly in order to obtain a perfect fusion.  

Even more slowly than before, the biological 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mandarin' is stirred once again for about two hours to obtain a homogeneous product. It is then poured through a cotton filter and bottled in special dark glass. The bottles are taken from their original wrappers only at the moment of filling, they are then blown with special alimentary nitrogen, filled and capped. Although the whole process is carried out on a homemade basis, our company respects and applies every health and hygiene measure required for this activity.

Once filled and capped the bottles are labelled and packed manually.

In order to maintain an optimal preservation, the product should be kept in a dry, cool place, away from the rays of the sun. Under these conditions the product will remain well preserved even after opening.

How to savour the flavour:
Our sense of smell can pick up the zest of freshly peeled mandarin; it presents itself to the palate fresh and sweet with a mildly sour aftertaste of mandarin peel. Excellent for creating cold sauces with a mandarin base, just add some fresh herbs like chives, catmint, parsley, coriander, etc. Special as a condiment for grilled fish, rich salads full of fruit such as mango, papaya, coconut, orange, and cheese like Greek feta cheese, “primo sale” first salt cheese. Wonderful to pour on dishes with mint such as Neapolitan fried courgettes or artichoke salads. If you wish to bring out the flavour and add a little something extra to a plate of “linguine” pasta and scampi, a drop of ‘oil & mandarin’ will make all the difference, while if you really wish to break all the rules and dare, I suggest putting a drop of our ‘oil & mandarin’ in a dark chocolate mousse!!!