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Truffle cream with white truffles

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Product code: A-416 - Capacity: Capacity: Jar 40 grams.
Product code: A-4063 - Capacity:
Capacity: Jar Shai 200 grams.

Cardboard box and thermo-pack with 30 jars, dimensions 30x22x6 weight: 3.3 Kg.
Cardboard box and thermo-pack with 6 jars, dimensions 30x22x11 weight: 3.2 Kg.

White truffle, “tuber magnatum pico” (5%) porcini mushrooms (55%), extra-virgin olive oil, salt and flavourings.

The production:
In order to produce our delicious truffle cream, only ingredients of the finest quality are used, starting with the highly precious truffle the “magnum pico” which is ground and amalgamated with porcini mushrooms of the woods which are reduced to a rich cream.
The paste is then blended, exclusively, with our best extra-virgin olive oil obtained from a “cold pressing process “. The product is then jarred and pasteurized. Even although the whole process is carried out on a home made basis, our company respects and applies every hygiene measure required for this activity down to the last word.

Having been pasteurized the product will stay preserved for up to 3 years with a minimum of precaution. Once open the product must be kept under oil, so if need be, add extra virgin oil and store in a cool place.

Testing the taste:
Our sense of smell can pick up a delicate sensation of truffle, to our palate soft and delicate; it can be used by simply spreading on small triangles of bread or toast, or even crackers for scrumptious appetizers or even used to prepare extraordinary main dishes garnished with white truffle. Definitely to be tried, spread on top of a beautiful, juicy beef steak.