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The Company

Titolari di Oleum SabinaeThe passion for the earth, the call of the traditions, the conviction that the good and genuine things in life are not subject to the wear and tear of time. They were the basis of the project that in 1998 led us to unite our farming businesses and to form “Oleum Sabinae” (Sabine Oils). The objective, however, was that of following our respective family traditions and to continue producing an extra-virgin oil of the highest quality.

Our motto isn't how much to produce but how to produce.

Our farm extends for 23 hectares, in the territory of Montilibretti, 300 metres above sea level and can count more than 3,500 olive trees. The pruning is done by hand and the olive picking is done partially with the aid of a mechanical harvester. In autumn, the olives are picked at exactly the right stage of maturity, and processed in the olive press the same day. This is done in order to obtain oil with low acidity levels.

We produce a “Biological and D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil”. Our oil is stocked and bottled on the premises, in Montilibretti.

The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks topped with inert gas so as to maintain the chemical and organoleptic quality unaltered.

Our strength is in the passion we have for our land, the satisfaction in producing products of the highest quality, our joy is in transmitting to others the pleasure of the good and genuine things in life.


Consorzio sabina dop

L'Oleum Sabinae (Sabine Oils) is associated to the consortium for the protection and valorisation of Olive Oil from the Protected Designation of Origin of the Sabine district.


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